Modern Poetry Table of Contents

ee cummings

anyone lived in a pretty how town the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls Chansons Innocentes: I "kitty". sixteen, 5' 11", white, prostitute. somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond Spring is like a perhaps hand Tumbling-hair Buffalo-Bill it may not always be so; and i say in Just- O sweet spontaneous raise the shade

Paul Laurence Dunbar

At the Tavern The Debt The Haunted Oak The Lawyers' Ways Little Brown Baby A Negro Love Song The Old Front Gate Ships that Pass in the Night Signs of the Times Song (Wintah, summah, snow er shine) We Wear the Mask When de Co'n Pone's Hot


Cassandra Cities Helen Leda Oread The Pool Sea Poppies Sea Rose Sheltered Garden Wash of Cold River

Amy Lowell

Petals The Cyclists A London Thoroughfare, 2 A.M. Astigmatism The Taxi Patterns The Allies Bath Midday and Afternoon An Aquarium Aubade Decade Interlude The Garden by Moonlight Autumn Carrefour In Excelsis

Claude McKay

After the Winter Heritage Spring in New Hampshire Harlem Shadows White Houses Baptism Russian Cathedral Flame-Heart The City's Love In Bondage Enslaved Africa America December, 1919 If We Must Die On Broadway Romance The Tropics in New York

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Renascence Interim The Suicide God's World Afternoon on a Hill Sorrow Tavern Ashes of Life The Little Ghost Kin to Sorrow Three Songs of Shattering The Shroud The Dream Indifference Witch-Wife Blight When the Year Grows Old Sonnets I-VI

Ezra Pound

A Girl A Pact A Virginal An Immortality Ancient Music Ballad of the Goodly Fere The Bathtub Before Sleep Cino E.P. Ode Pour L'election De Son Sepulchre Envoi Francesca Further Instructions The Garden The Garrett Grace Before Song H. S. Mauberley (Life and Contacts) Histrion In a Station of the Metro In the Old Age of the Soul L'Art The Lake Isle Lament of the Frontier Guard Masks Meditatio Na Audiart Portrait d'une Femme The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter The Salutation The Seafarer Song of the Bowmen of Shu Villanelle: The Psychological Hour Villonaud for This Yule Alba Sestina: Altaforte

John Crowe Ransom

Grandgousier Captain Carpenter Prometheus in Straits Ada Ruel Janet Waking

Carl Sandburg

Chicago Poems Handfuls War Poems (1914-1915) The Road and the End Fogs and Fires Shadows Other Days (1900-1910)

Wallace Stevens

Anecdote of the Jar Bantams in Pine-Woods The Bird with the Coppery, Keen Claws The Comedian as the Letter C I. The World without Imagination II. Concerning the Thunderstorms of Yucatan III. Approaching Carolina IV. The Idea of a Colony V. A Nice Shady Home VI. And Daughters with Curls Disillusionment of Ten o' Clock Domination of Black The Doctor of Geneva The Emperor of Ice-Cream Gray Room A High-Toned Old Christian Woman The Man Whose Pharynx Was Bad Metaphors of a Magnifico Nomad Exquisite Not Ideas about the thing but the Thing Itself Nuances of a Theme by Williams O Florida, Venereal Soil On the Manner of Addressing Clouds The Paltry Nude Starts on a Spring Voyage Peter Quince at the Clavier The Plot Against the Giant Six Significant Landscapes The Snow Man Sunday Morning Tattoo Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird To the One of Fictive Music Valley Candle The Well Dressed Man with a Beard

William Carlos Williams

Blizzard Complete Destruction The crowd at the ball game Danse Russe Dedication for a Plot of Ground The Desolate Field Muier Pastoral Queen-Anne's Lace so much depends Sympathetic Portrait of a Child To Elsie Tract To Waken an Old Lady Transitional Winter Trees
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