Index of Topics and Authors

This index provides an alphabetical listing of the items linked to in the demonstration paragraph. From this page, you can click to any of the subjects buried in that paragraph. By looking over the index, you should be able to more simply perform the juxtaposition of texts I discuss throughout the project. The list also reveals my choices of arbitrary texts. Each one has been drawn from the field of American Studies and is related to the others in some way that may not be immediately apparent. Finally, the index should help those who are returning to this website and want to find a specific link without searching through the paragraph.

Adams, Henry--The Education of Henry Adams

Anderson, Sherwood--"Death in the Woods"

Bercovitch, Sacvan--"The Problem of Ideology in American Literary History

Cat People--the 1942 film

Documentary work--"Documenting the 1930s"

Eliot, T.S.--from Four Quartets

Hans Holbein the Younger--Map of the World

Faulkner, William--"Was"

Franklin, Benjamin--Poor Richard Improved

Hemingway, Ernest--"The Snows of Kilimanjaro"

Irving, John--A Prayer for Owen Meany

Kron, Joan--"The Semiotics of Home Decor"

Lewis, Meriwether, and William Clark--The Journals of Lewis and Clark

Lincoln, Abraham--"The Gettysburg Address"

Marx Brothers, the--"The Foolish Search for Self: Identity Construction in the Films of the Marx Brothers"

Melville, Herman--Billy Budd

Niebuhr, Reinhold--from The Irony of American History

O'Connor, Flannery--"The Artificial Nigger"

Parrington, Vernon L.--Main Currents in American Thought: The Colonial Mind 1620-1800

Pynchon, Thomas--The Crying of Lot 49

Smith, Henry Nash--Virgin Land

Smith, John--from The History of Virginia

Thoreau, Henry David--Walden

de Tocqueville, Alexis--Democracy in America

Trachtenberg, Alan--The Incorporation of America

Turner, Frederick Jackson--"The Significance of the Frontier in American History"

Updike, John--The Rabbit works

War of the Worlds--"A Gullible Nation? A Closer Look at that Night of Panic"

Washington, George--"Farewell Address"

Wise, Gene--"'Pardigm Dramas' in American Studies: A Cultural and Institutional Histroy of the Movement"

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