William Morris Hunt

William Morris Hunt (1824-1879) was a successful portrait and landscape painter who brought the French Barbizon School to America. Hunt was born in Brattleboro, Vermont, to a wealthy and prominent family of legislators. His brother, Richard Morris Hunt, was a successful architect.

William Morris Hunt studied briefly at Harvard, then moved to France to study painting. He was a student in Paris with Thomas Couture and in Barbizon with Jean-Francois Millet. Upon his return to America in 1855, he set up a studio in Boston and taught the Barbizon style to both male and female students.

Hunt also maintained a studio in Newport, Rhode Island. His students there included John La Farge, Henry James, and William James.

His best-known paintings are "The Bathers" and "Girl at the Fountain." His book, Talks about Art, was well-received.

Kay Davis, University of Virginia, ©2001-2003