Class and Leisureat America's First ResortNewport, Rhode Island1870-1914

Leisure Patterns
Class status determined where Americans vacationed and the types of leisure activities they participated in there.

Coaching Party, Fans Watch a Tennis Match, Roller Coaster at Easton's Beach

Upper-Class Leisure

In Newport, upper-class families networked and displayed their wealth.

Middle-Class Leisure
Middle-class families enjoyed sightseeing, sunbathing, and emulating the upper class.

Working-Class Leisure
Working-class families preferred commercial amusements, such as vaudeville shows and amusement rides.

Advertising Newport
Guidebooks, travel guides, newspapers, and magazines introduced Newport to people of all classes.

Fall River Line and Other Steamers
Steamship lines opened Newport to vacationers throughout the Northeast.

Newport's Nickel Trolleys
Inexpensive fares made day trips a possibility for people of all classes.

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