Documenting "The Other Half": The Social Reform Photography of Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine
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Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine were among the first social reformers to use photography to document the effects of industrialization and urbanization on working-class Americans. Their work brought the need for housing and labor reform to the attention of legislators and the public. Both men worked tirelessly to improve the lives of America's working-class citizens. Learn more about their efforts.

Incorporation of America
The Incorporation of America
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Photography and Social Reform
At the turn of the twentieth century, photography raised awareness of social and economic issues.
Jacob Riis
Jacob Riis
Riis, a newspaper reporter, used photographs to advocate for better housing, sanitation, and schools in New York City.
Lewis Hine
Lewis Hine
Hine, an educator, captured the injustices of child labor in photographs of children throughout the United States.
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View some of Riis and Hine's most compelling images, with commentary.

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