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People Like Ourselves: Forecast for Survey Graphic

by Paul Kellogg

November 1935


With foreign and domestic policy thrusting new responsibilities on voters for hard and clear choices, education comes out of the school house. We have grown to look at it as something coterminous with life and central to the democratic process. Some of the pioneering of the progressive schools is finding wider application. First-hand experience of both students and teachers in the new fields of adult and workers education will be presented in Survey Graphic in the months ahead. So, too, that area of education which focuses on the plight of youth in depression, and the efforts to find "ways out" for stalemated young people.

With current questions burgeoning into campuses and strident newspaper campaigns of exposure, academic freedom gains new urgency. There are the charges on one side that civil liberties are jeopardized, on the other, that "students are being indoctrinated with subversive theory." The situation is one we have assigned for first-hand study.


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