I. The Strength of the Hills

"Yielding Place to New"; Photo for TVA by Lewis W. Hine

Young farmer, whose land will be taken by the reservoir area;
today at work as a sawyer at the Norris damsite

The first of a series of articles this, through which the chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority will keep Survey Graphic readers abreast of the most arresting single project in America today. As a base, take the long stalemate at Muscle Shoals; take times flat with business breakdown and unemployment; take a region deep-seated with neglect. Turn it all right-side up as a terrain of opportunity and start longrun planning in the midst of our emergency moves. Reservoirs built now to impound rivers will have piled with silt in the course of yearsăunless dam-building is paralleled with a hght against soil erosion in the highlands. Power plants, rimmed with mills and factories, will suck people into congested centers that ten years from now may duplicate the idle machines and unemployment of other industrial districtsăunless a new way of life can be framed in this watershed. These are only two of the exciting alternatives staked out by the TVA