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Public Health and Private Doctors

by Daisy Lee Worthington Worcester

Co-Author, Volume 15 of the Federal Investigation of Women and Child Labor

April 1934

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Photo Hiram Myers

"Say A-a-a-h!" Hard times send to clinics flocks of sick people who ordinarily
would go to a private doctor and cheerfully pay his fee. It is hard on doctor, clinic
and taxpayer but part of the price of the public's health in bad times as in good


Rugged individualism, to quote William T. Foster, left us with many far from rugged individuals. In good times as in bad, millions of Americans suffer avoidable illness and death, and tens of thousands of doctors and nurses struggle against skimped income and professional opportunity. This article and the three which follow, continuing a long-standing interest of Survey Graphic, consider some of today's advances, setbacks and urgencies in organized action for health. Coming issues will carry on that topic, relating the common stake of patients, practitioners and the public to planning for the nation's health.



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