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People Like Ourselves: Forecast for Survey Graphic

by Paul Kellogg

November 1935

Our World Boundaries

Just as the hard times have made us conscious in an altogether new way of our internal situation, so these years have reopened our foreign relationships. First came a large dose of salt on cocksure conceits that the United States was custodian of the formula for prosperity and was insulated from the post-war dishevelment of other nations. We found our own scheme of life challenged by internal policies, variant from our own, ranging from Soviet Russia to Nazi Germany. Now war crashes through, with ideas of conquest as old as the Roman empire pitted against the last independent region of Africa.

In August [1935] (Ethiopia, Still Proud and Free by Emory Ross), Survey Graphic published one of the first full length portraits of the Ethiopian people. Again we find ourselves part of a troubled world and confront the issue of collective security—whether we shall help or hinder efforts to consolidate peace by checkmating the nation that runs amuck...


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