The Mount: Edith Wharton and the American Renaissance


Kay Davis
University of Virginia
© 2001-2003




Notable events in the life of Edith Wharton, and in the development of the American Renaissance movement.

1862 Edith Newbold Jones born on January 24 in New York
1866 Jones family travels to Italy, France, Spain, and Germany
1872 Jones family returns to New York; summers in Newport, Rhode Island
1873 Walter Pater's Studies in the History of the Renaissance published
1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition
1877 Society of American Artists and Society of Decorative Arts form; Edith Wharton completes her first novel, Fast and Loose
1878 Jacob Burkhardt's The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy published
1879 McKim, Mead, and White architectural firm forms; Louis Comfort Tiffany's Associated Artists group forms
1880 John La Farge receives patent for opalescent glass; Jones family returns to Europe
1885 Edith marries Edward R. Wharton; the Whartons live in New York and Newport; travel to Italy
1888 Whartons take Mediterranean cruise with James Van Alen
1891 Edith Wharton purchases townhouse at 882-884 Park Avenue, New York; Ogden Codman Jr. redesigns interior
1893 World's Colombian Exposition in Chicago; Edith Wharton buys Land's End in Newport; Ogden Codman Jr. redesigns interior and garden
1894 Whartons meet scholar Vernon Lee in Italy; Francis Hoppin and Terrence Koen begin architectural practice in New York City
1896 Edith Wharton and Ogden Codman Jr. begin The Decoration of Houses
1897 The Decoration of Houses published
1899 Whartons look for summer property in Lenox, Massachusetts

Edith Wharton purchases Laurel Lake Farm in Lenox

1900 Whartons summer at The Poplars in Lenox
1902 The Mount completed; Whartons move in
1903 Edith Wharton sells Land's End
1904 Italian Villas and their Gardens published; Henry James, Gailllard Lapsley, and Howard Sturgis visit The Mount
1905 Italian Backgrounds and The House of Mirth published
1907 Whartons rent George Vanderbilt's apartment in Paris, France, for winter months
1910 Whartons separate; Edith Wharton rents apartment in Paris
1911 Whartons sell The Mount
1913 Whartons divorce
1914 Edith Wharton founds American Hostels for Refugees
1915 Edith Wharton founds Children of Flanders Rescue Committee
1919 Edith Wharton moves to Pavillon Colombe; leases Ste. Claire for winter months
1920 The Age of Innocence published
1921 Edith Wharton becomes first woman to receive Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, for The Age of Innocence
1923 Edith Wharton receives honorary doctorate from Yale University
1937 Edith Wharton dies at Pavillon Colombe, France


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