In researching the Worker's Film and Photo League, Nykino, and Frontier Films, it was soon apparent that locating copies of their 1930s productions would be no easy task. The more popular and enduring films such as Native Land, The City, and Power and the Land are readily available to the public. The other films are not so accessible. Below is a list of libraries and organizations that own copies of these important yet highly unobtainable films for anyone wishing to further explore the structure, impact, and legacy of these Depression era documentary films.

Comments on these films, suggestions of other films that should be included in this site, and assistance in preserving more of these works online, including contributing films for this archive, are most welcome. Comments and Suggestions

Films available to view or rent from the Museum of Modern Art:
Heart of Spain (1937)
Hunger 1932
Bonus March and National Hunger March (Workers Newsreel collection)
Pie in the Sky (1935)
Non-circulating films available to view at the Library of Congress as part of the Labor-Related Film Collection:
Communist Rallies in Michigan FPL
Detroit Worker's News (1932) FPL
The Great Depression (1934) FPL
Workers Newsreels Vol. 1 No. 10 (1931) FPL
Hunger 1932 FPL
Non-circulating films held at various university libraries:
Heart of Spain (1937)
  • University of California, Berkeley, CA
Hunger 1932
  • University of Tennessee, TN
National Hunger March:
  • Duke University Library, NC
  • Columbia University, NY
  • Preservation Res, Division of OCLC, PA
  • University of Tennessee, TN
Film and Photo League, Program I newsreels
  • George Mason University, VA
  • Yale University Library, CT
  • Bates College, ME
Detroit Worker's News Special
  • University of Tennessee, TN
Hands (1934)
  • Stanford University Library, CA
  • Capitol Reg. Library Coun., OCLC Cluster, CT
  • Boston College, MA
  • College of St. Scholastica Library, MN
Conditions in Chicago, Conditions in Los Angeles, and Free Tom Mooney rallies by Chicago and L.A. Film and Photo Leagues
  • University of California Los Angeles, CA

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