Cigar Store Indian, J. Melcher (1829-1909)

Collection of the New York State Historical Association.

Polychromed carved wood figure of male indian. Figure wears yellow leggings with braided trim on sides, long-sleeved knee length yellow tunic with fringed hem. White feather overskirt, short mantle around shoulders, red blanket over shoulder and tucked into belt on left side, short moccasins, small feathered headdress with flat braided extension down back, metal hoop earring in pierced ears. Large oval medallion inscribed "m" hangs from beaded necklace around neck. Below shoulder-length hair worn behind ears, down back. Right arm straight down side, hand holds box of cigars. Left arm extended at elbow, hand holds bunch of cigars.

Once owned by a cigar store In Kansas City; Former owner claims it was carved In Detroit.