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The career of the enigmatic Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington is difficult to generalize about. One observation we can make is that in his earliest days he was the consummate popular musician, primarily recording songs composed by others. "Three LittleWords" [#6], words by Bert Kalmar and music by Harry Ruby, is one such example. Bing Crosby accompanied the Duke and his orchestra on this number in Check And Double Check, Amos 'n' Andy's only feature film. Rudy Vallee also cut a successful recording (Shapiro 1854). Soon Duke would record exclusively under his own name, but at this point in his career he worked with ensembles that carried various names. His 1930 hit recording of "Three Little Words" came with the ensemble "The Rhythm Boys," while this particular recording came with "Frank Brown & His Tooters," an ensemble that, minus the vocalist Irving Mills, recorded and performed as "The Harlem Footwarmers" (liner notes of The Okeh Ellington).