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The Language of Advertising

Any fool can make soap. It takes a clever man to sell it. Pear's Soap spokeman

With the volume of goods competing for the customer's attention, companies had to work harder and harder to attract customers and inspire their loyalty. They used a number of techniques to make their wares the best known in the land: first and foremost was being everywhere all the time, that is, extensive use of advertisements in magazines, on billboards, on trade cards. Packaging was also important, especially branding uniform packages with distinctive trademarks. It was a way of familiarizing and humanizing your relationship with the consumer. In this way people got to know you like a friend, and hopefully, would return to their friend over and over again.

Advertisements targeted a product's time saving qualilties, sanitary value, and benefits for the children. Guilt was the operative tool: guilty if your child wore dirty shoes, guilty if your sink was dirty, guilty if your clothes were old-fashioned, guilty if your children didn't eat right. Food products touted their scientifically proven health benefits.