Problems here: adulteration, kerosene crackers, sand in the sugar

nabisco for instance, packaging: clean, no one's touched it til you: obviously very appealing

also the ways that nat'l companies used the stores: "ask your grocer about" "tell us the name of your grocer" "we'll send you a free box if you tell us the name of a grocer that doesn't carry our product" "going by to pull old crackers off shelf" --- maybe some about the new employees of the nat'l company; how to exact control over products at far away places, jobbers

Rise of chain store goes here? with changes in chain of command, specialization of goods, i.e. general mercantile out of business; lively and abundant city markets turn inward to stores

General Stores & Corner Markets:
Out of the Barrel, Onto the Shelf

Godfrey's Grocery, 1846:
Today you need some string, kerosene, a bag of meal, main thing here: cracker barrel, bulk goods, a little bit of everything