Additional Resources

General History

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  • Walking To Work: Tramps in America, 1790-1935. Eric H. Monkkonen, ed., 1984.
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Social Studies | Reports | Exposé

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  • Social Pathology: Obstacles to Social Participation. Stuart Alfred Queen and Jennette Rowe Gruener, 1940.
  • Disaffiliated Man: Essays and Bibliography on skid row, vagrancy, and outsiders. Edited by Howard M. Bahr, 1970.
  • Social Reform Papers of John James McCook: A Guide to the Microfilm Publication. Adela Haberski French, ed., 1979.

Autobiography | Biography | Fiction

  • Tramping With Tramps. Josiah Flynt (Willard), 1969 reprint.
  • My Life. Josiah Flynt, 1908.
  • Tramping On Life: An Autobiographical Narrative. Harry Kemp, 1922.
  • Beggars of Life: A Hobo Autobiography. Jim Tully, 1924.
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  • The Texas Stories of Nelson Algren. Edited by Bettina Drew, 1995.

Chicago Scene

  • The Hobo: The Sociology of the Homeless Man. Nels Anderson, 1923.
  • Hobohemia. Frank O. Beck, 2000 (1956 orig.).
  • The Damndest Radical: The Life and World of Ben Reitman, Chicago's Celebrated Social Reformer, Hobo King, and Whorehouse Physician. Roger A. Bruns, 1987.

Industrialization | Labor | The West

  • Coxey's Army. McMurry, Donald L., 1929.
  • In The Floating Army: F.C. Mills on Itinerant Life in California, 1914. Gregory R. Woirol, 1992.
  • The Far West and the Great Plains in Transition 1859-1900. Rodman W. Paul, 1988.

The Depression

  • Boy and Girl Tramps of America. Thomas Minehan, 1934.
  • The Homeless Transient in the Great Depression: New York State 1929-1941. Joan M. Crouse, 1986.
  • Riding the Rails: Teenagers on the Move During the Great Depression. Errol Lincoln Uys, 1999.


  • American Folksongs of Protest. John Greenway, 1953.
  • Songs of the Outlands: Ballads of the Hoboes and Other Verse. Henry Herbert Knibbs, 1914.