Chautauqua Beginnings: Early Images from the Chautauqua Institution

From The Chautauqua Movement, Joseph E. Gould

From Chautauqua, Jeffrey Simpson
This invitation to the first Chautauqua Assembly also contained the poem "A Welcome to Chautauqua," by Josephine Pollard, found below. The original speaker's platform and audience seating from the Fair Point camp-meeting grounds, used at the first Chautauqua assembly.

From Chautauqua, Jeffrey Simpson
Lewis Miller (far left) and John Heyl Vincent (second from left) with a group of Chautauquans outside a tent used as living quarters in the late 1870s.

A Welcome to Chautauqua
By Josephine Pollard
WE Gather here, a pilgrim band,
Whose home is set above,
And ere we reach the promised land,
Prepare a feast of love.
Then welcome, welcome every one
To scenes serenely bright,
Where Christ is our unclouded sun,
An in His praise unite.
The morning dews--the fragrant breeze--
The peaceful nights and days--
The smiling lake--the waving trees--
Forever speak His praise.
Then welcome, welcome to the place
Where hearts in love unite;
Where we behold a saviour's face,
And feel the saint's delight.

The Chautauqua Idea