Dear Classmates:

     How much of your success in life do you owe to the Chautauqua Reading Course? Many of the letters sent to your secretary express deep obligations to the founder of the C.L.S.C. Have you the same feeling?

     Then why not on this twenty-fifth anniversary of our graduation show our appreciation in some practical way? Why not make a special effort to be with us at our reunion? If circumstances will not permit of your presence send to your secretary, if you can, a dollar, or more, according to your means. We have heard from three hundred and fifty of our members including the memorial list. What could we not do, if even a small amount should be sent from each one to aid in our celebration!

     We want to place our tablet in the new Hall of Philosophy, in memory of our dead. Then, would it not be a glorious memorial of our silver anniversary if we could provide a scholarship in the Chautauqua Summer Schools? I throw out the latter idea as a suggestion. Should you approve-then say so, when you write and make your contribution.

     We could also complete our gift to the Aula Christi (we have already one hundred and fifty dollars to our credit given on our tenth and twentieth anniversaries.)

     There are several other ways in which we might place a gift that would keep green the memory of the great Pansy Class. If you send a gift, send your vote as to its use.

     Will you do it, and do it now?

     Do not wait until you come. Something may happen to prevent the coming. One of our beloved classmates had written of her intention to visit Chautauqua next August but there came to her a few days ago the call to go Home. She has passed the Heavenly gate and arches and is singing her paeans in glory.

     If you had The Chautauquan Weekly in your home the secretary's work might be simplified. You could hear weekly of the "class doings" and thus keep in touch with us.

Dates worth noting:
August 11, Baccalaureate Sermon.
August 13, Open House in Alumni Hall.
August 14, Recognition Day, procession at 8:30 a.m.
     C.L.S.C. banquet at 8 p.m.
August 17, Anniversary of our graduation.

Cornelia Adele Teal, Secretary.
Chautauqua, New York.

For full particulars regarding railroad rates, write to Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, N.Y.

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