The Chautauqua Mission: Images of Growth and Expansion

From Chautauqua, Theodore Morrison

From Recollections, Briggs and DaBoll
The Chautauqua Assembly Daily Herald, later the Chautauquan Daily, was founded in the third season of Chautauqua in order to better inform people of and preserve the daily programs, activities and lectures at Chautauqua. This map shows the enormous reach and influence of Chautauqua as Assemblies cropped up all over the country throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

From Recollections, Briggs and DaBoll
These sketches of Chautauqua were printed in Harper's Weekly in 1880. The Chautauqua Idea was now reaching a broader national audience, which helped it to continue to grow and expand.

The Chautauqua Idea