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Women's Studies Resources

General Sources | History | Literature | Media | Minority | Repro/Health | Business | Film & Music | Sports | Academic Programs

General Resources:

Womens Studies Research Guide
Invaluable guide to reference information in Womens Studies, courtesy of the New York Public Library

Women's History:

National Women's History Project

Women Come to the Front
Photos, articles, and manuscripts of women in the media during WWII.

Microtext Collections in the Todd Library
List of microtexts, including texts on suffrage, southern women, nursing, Jane Addams, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Biography of Women
On line biographies of famous women. International in scope.

Women Nobel Prize Winners

Godey's Lady's Book
On-line contents and index of one of the major women's periodicals

Women in Literature:

Literary Resources--Feminism and Women's Literature

Brown University Women Writers Project
On line text for female authors writing before 1830.

Women and the Media:

WATER's Women's Media Watch
Media news that relates to women and reviews of news coverage.

Minority Women's Resources:

Women of Color Resource Center
Text of newsletters, information on speakers bureau.

Index to Chicana Research Published

Poetry, literature, and art by Iranian women.

South Asian Women
Book reviews, cinema reviews, news, articles

(for more minority women's resources, please also see the "Ethnic" section of the Yellow Pages.)

Reproductive Rights/Health Issues

National Abortion Federation
Fact sheets, statistics on abortion, clinic violence, and news releases. NAF is an organization for abortion practitioners.

Pope John Paul II: Letter to Women
On line text of the Pope's letter.

Statistics on Domestic Violence
Statistics on indicence, punishments; information from the National Clearinghouse for Defense of Battered Women.

Women in Business and Government:

Department of Labor Women's Bureau
Searchable index of workforce statistics

Directory of Women's Professional Organizations

Glass Ceiling
Searchable index of statistics and cases.

Women and Computer Science
On line articles, maintained by Ellen Spertus

Women in Technology International
On line articles

Archives of Women in Science and Engineering
Papers and texts housed by the Iowa State library.

Women in Science and Engineering
Information on pay, and articles, maintained by American Institute of Physics

Center for American Women and Politics
Publications on women candidates, former female officeholders, and female voter turnout.

Women in Film and Music

Women and Music
Index of female performers. Includes biographies.

Womens Studies in Music
Archive of syllabi from different university programs.

Female Composers
Catalogue of female composers.

Women in Film
Bibliographies, biographies, and filmographies.

Women in Sports

96 Years of Women in the Olympics

Women's Sports Foundation

Women's National Basketball Association

Women's Pro Softball League

Women's United Soccer Association

Gender Equity in Sports
Informaton about Title IX, lawsuits, and the NCAA.

Academic Programs in Women's Studies

Women's Studies Programs, Departments, and Research Centers
A Listing of Programs

Family Studies Resources

General Resources | Family History & Geneaology | Child/Education Issues | Family Businesses | Academic Programs

General Resources:

Population Index
Journal by Princeton University on Demographics and Research Methodology; searchable index

U.S. Census Bureau
2000 census data and data from previous censuses.

Current Research Projects of the Australian Institute for Family Studies
Abstracts of the research projects and e-mail addresses of researchers. Includes research on single- parent families, later-life families, young parents, and monitoring of legislative policy.

Family History and Geneaology:

Allegheny Regional Family History Society
Searchable census data, cemetary information, articles, journals, and online geneaologies for local families (West Va., Va., Penn., Md.)

New England Historical Geneaology Society
Geneaological information for various New England families

Central West Virginia Family Histories

A Family History and Geneaology Series on PBS. Information about the series and links to geneaological sites

Brigham Young University Family History Technology Lab
Information on computer technologies for family research

(A search of Yahoo using Keywords "Family History" will yield numerous sites dedicated to the histories of individual families.)

Child/Education Issues:

National Parent Information Network
Information on urban and minority families, especially on education.

Civic Practice Network
Articles and case studies on community solutions for family violence, poverty, and children's issues

Family Legal Issues

Legal dot Net: Articles and Case Studies on Family Law
Written by attorneys and available on line.

U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library: Domestic Relations
Cases, Publications, Articles, Legislation

Family Business
Web Resource for Family Business Executives and Owners

Academic Programs in Family Studies

University of Tennessee Family Studies Program

Ryerson Polytechnic University Program in Nutrition, Consumer, and Family Studies

University of Georgia Family Studies Program

Univerity of Maryland Department of Family Studies

Family Studies Courses Offered at the University of New Hampshire

University of Connecticut Family Studies Program

Messiah College Family Studies Program

Queer Studies Resources

General Resources | Libraries & Archives | Periodicals | Literature | History | AIDS | Workplace | Academic Programs

General Resources and Bibliographies

Web Pages of LesBiGay Scholars

New York Public Library's Research Guide to Gay and Lesbian Studies
Index to the Collection of Reference and Research Materials.

Bibliography for Gay Language Study
Maintained by Gregory Ward, Northwestern University

Gays in the Workforce: A Bibliography of Articles
Compiled by NYU (article text is not accessible on line)

Libraries and Archives

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Library and Archives of Philadelphia
Online archives, exhibits, and bibliographies


Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review
Indices, excerpts, and subscription info.

The Advocate
The National Gay and Lesbian News Magazine, On-Line.


Sapphic Ink
Lesbian Literature and Book Reviews

Lesbian Poetry

Gay Fiction: A Bibliography
Maintained by V. McCoy


Lesbian and Gay Regional History
Archives, Articles, and Regional History overviews. Maintained by James Sears.

Rainbow Query
Searchable index of Queer History

The Other Queer Page History/Herstory

Lesbian Herstory Project

A catalog and sample of archival material

AIDS Resources

Center for Disease Control
News summaries on AIDS research, counseling, testing, and legislation.

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports

Gay Men's Health Crisis on-line articles on AIDS

AIDS Virtual Library
Conferences, Documents, Archives, Medical Studies, Periodicals, Statistics.


Gay Professional Organizations
A nationwide guide maintained by NYU.

Employer Policies
Specific policies of national corporations. Maintained by NYU.

Harvard Business School Publishing
On- line cases of Gay Workplace Discrimination.

Academic Programs

Programs in Gender and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies at Universities in the USA and Canada

Men's Studies

Organizations | Periodicals | General Information & Search Guides | Health | Domestic Violence & Justice System | Further Reading

Men's Organizations

American Mens Studies Association
Information on membership and relevant links

American Fathers Coalition
National organization supporting the rights of fathers

Choice for Men

A reproductive rights group concerned with men forced into fatherhood
Fathers Resource Center
A lobbying group for the rights of non-custodial fathers

National Congress for Fathers and Children
National Information Clearinghouse (includes articles) and lobbying organization for the rights of fathers

National Coalition for Free Men
Organization dedicated to examining the impact of sex discrimination policies on men

National Organization for Men Against Sexism
A feminist-friendly organization concerned with sexism

Men's Defense Organization
Concerned with the legal rights of men and the effects of reverse sexism

Men's Periodicals

A Man's Life
General interest topics in the mens studies movement

At Home Dad
Fatherhood issues, published by the Father's Resource Center

XY Magazine
An Australian magazine about men

Balance Magazine
Periodical dedicated to an inclusive vision of gender equality

The Liberator
Periodical published by the Men's Defense Organization

Mens Health Daily
Journal of mens health issues

General Information Pages and Search Engines

Fathers' and Men's Organizations, Writers and Other Leaders
Listing of Various Men's Groups

Men's Issues Page
Site maintained by David Throop; contains health, legal, organizational, and journalistic information. Site has an alphabetical subject index.

Mens Movement History
A compendium of articles, linked sites, and bibliographies on the mens movement

A Gathering of Men
Information on the popular PBS series hosted by Bill Moyers and Robert Bly

Mens Health

Mens Health Index
List of linked sites on urological health, cancer, HIV, and mental health.

Women's Health Legislation
Page details the legislation and spending of the 103rd Congress on women's health research.

Psychological study of men and masculinity
Study conducted by a branch of the American Psychological Association

American Society of Andrology
Society of professionals in mens reproductive health

Health Explorer: Mens Health
Information on cancer, heart, and prostate concerns

CDC National Prevention Information Network
AIDS information and linked sites from the Center for Disease Control

Domestic Violence and Issues of Justice

Men and Domestic Violence
Articles, statistics, and links on domestic violence, including battered women, battered men, child abuse

Statistics on Domestic Violence
Figures kept by the Bureau of Justice on domestic violence in the U.S.

Men and the Justice System
Statistics on treatment of men by the U.S. judicial system

Further Reading

Bibliography on domestic violence

Men's Bibliography

Bibliography on men and the justice system

Bibliography on men's health

The Changing Men Collection
A special collections archive at Michigan State University on the mens movement