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<font face="Dauphin" color="#cccc66"><H2>Websites:</H2></font><BR>

<font face="Dauphin" color="#cccc66">All sites are best viewed in MS Explorer</Font>


<font face="Arial" color="#cccc66" size="-1"><LI><a href="http://xroads.virginia.edu/~ma02/freed/Quilts/Quilts.html" target="_window">Colorful Past:  America's Quilts</a><BR>

Drawing from <I>The Index of American Design</i>, this is the first site I designed utilizing Photoshop and the Homesite text editor.</LI>



<font face="Arial" color="#cccc66" size="-1"><LI><a href="http://xroads.virginia.edu/~ma02/freed/Barnum/barnum.html" target="_window">"In Business for Myself:"  P. T. Barnum and the  Management of Spectacle</a><BR>This extensive site explores P. T. Barnum's influence of nineteenth-century American culture and features more advanced Photoshop image manipulation and Javascript coding.</LI>



<font face="Arial" color="#cccc66" size="-1"><LI><a href="http://xroads.virginia.edu/~ma02/freed/okeeffe/intro2.html" target="_window">From Skyscrapers to Skulls:  Georgia O'Keeffe Creates the "Native" America</a><BR>Colorful Photoshop images and a scrolling Flash gallery are spotlighted in this site which analyzes O'Keeffe's influence on the American art scene in the 1930's.</LI>



<font face="Arial" color="#cccc66" size="-1"><LI><a href="http://xroads.virginia.edu/~ma02/freed/fightclub/home2.html" target="_window">"I Am Jack's Raging Bile Duct:"  <I>Fight Club</i> and the American Mythology of Violence in the Postmodern Moment</a><BR>

I produced this site for my MA thesis and it showcases framesets, Javascript mouseovers, Flash, and iMovie clips from the film (you must have QuickTime Player to view the film clips).  The technology used in this site allowed me to enhance my argument that the film <I>Fight Club</i> is a postmodern reinterpretation of the myth of regeneration through violence.</LI>