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The Central Baptist
St. Louis and Kansas City
Wm. H. Williams, Editor and Proprietor

St. Louis, Mo., 11/28 189?

Rev. J.M. Frost, D.D.,
    Nashville, Tenn.

     Dear Brother– I received your reader concerning the S.S. Board. I am afraid you will misunderstand me and fail to appreciate my situation, but I can only tell you how I am situated and then cast myself upon your brotherly consideration.

     Personally, I would be very glad to publish what you send me but, I am betwixt the upper and nether millstone and when not there, occupy a very painful position between the devil and the deep sea. In order to keep out of complications I have been forced to adapt the same method of treatment toward all of our different publication societies. The other publication societies pay for all of these notices and if I were to make an exception in your case, you can see just exactly where it would put me.

     I am worried. I am bothered. I am troubled. I am afraid you will think hard of me. My brain reels. Sleep forsakes my eyes. What am I to do? I love you so much that I want to do everything I can for you and yet it seems as if my hands were tied. Still, I have confidence in your Christian spirit and in your good sense and I think you will understand and appreciate how I am placed.

Wm. H. Williams

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