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Office of the Arkansas Baptist and Book House
W.A. Clark, Proprietor
Little Rock, Ark, Oct 28 1891

J.M. Frost, D.D.
     Nashville Tenn.

Dear Bro:

     Yours of 23d before me, Proposition considered. And in reply will say your suggestion is businesslike and in accord with my ideas of the way to push the matter. About half of our schools using literature patronize Kind Words, the other half divided between the [American Baptist] Pub. Soc. And D.B. Ray. I am sure that for circulars to be sent with our imprint, will increase Kind Words patronage largely in our state. Send circulars as many as you think will be of use. Also send a lot of blank orders like the inclosed [sic] for our use.

     Would it not be well to do as the [American Baptist] Pub Soc does with us, – ie – send itemized bill monthly, and we remit in response by check.

     I am for the success of Kind Words. Write fully– freely–

Your Bro, Et              
W.A. Clark               

Would it not be well for you to use "Printer's Ink." Ray and the A.B. Pub Soc– run cards and displays with us at 30c an inch– We will serve you on same terms. We run their "Leaders" at same price.

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