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[This is the letterhead of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention Executive Board, but stamped at the top is the name of Clark's company, the Arkansas Baptist. Apparently, Clark is taking care of business during the meeting of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.]

Little Rock, Ark. Nov 11 1892

Private and Confidential

J.M. Frost, D.D.
     Nashville Tenn,

Dear Bro.

     By force of circumstance unavoidable, I am forced to give the fifth page of next Arkansas Baptist to a full page ad of The American Baptist Publication Society. This in addition to their current advertising matter. They pay a round price for it, but still I don't like it. Now what am I to do? I am for the "Southern Series" first and last, but in my straitened [sic] circumstances, I cannot afford to refuse $50.00 "shook in my face."

     I have thought this. Can't you afford to take a page, for last week in Nov or 1st of Dec. at a sharp discount from their figures? And let it say, "The Literature can be ordered through The Ark Baptist." I want to couple on to you and the [Southern Baptist Sunday School] Series, in a way that my constituents will know just "what is what," and yet not sacrifice business relations with other reputable enterprises. Let me know at once what you think about it, I am sure that we can take Ark to Nashville, but it will cost something to do it. This whole matter worries me, but I was caught innocently this time.

   Your Bro.
W.A. Clark

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