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The Baptist Standard
M.V. Smith and J.B. Cranfill, Proprietors

Dallas, Texas, April 24th 1892

Rev. J.M. Frost, D.D.
     Nashville, Tenn.

My Dear Brother: –

     Replying to your kind favor of the 11th I will say that I did not mean to poke fun at you, but made the reference to the publication house advisedly. I regard our Nashville series as publications, and the house where they are printed as a publication house. I have no doubt in due time what is now the Southern Baptist Convention series will grow into a Southern Baptist Publication House. I assure you that I am in hearty sympathy with our series and hope to be able to be helpful to you in pushing it into our churches. In saying this I do not mean to imply that I am not also a friend to the Publication Society. I am a friend of both and I have never seen any reason for the stir that has been made in the matter between our two sections.

     I look forward to our meeting at the convention and have to have a talk with you concerning matters.

     Enclosed I hand you bill for advertising and trust you will see your way clear to favor us with considerable business.

   Yours fraternally,
J.B. Cranfill

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