Kind Words
       Published by the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

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The Southern Baptist Convention first began publication of Kind Words for the Sunday School Children in 1866. With the establishment of a permanent Sunday School Board in 1891, Kind Words became the first and most significant publication in its Sunday school series.

According to the 1892 Report of the Sunday School Board: "[The] Convention must lay its foundation among the children. 'The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.' To put your hand upon the Sunday-school is surely to put your hand upon the future movements and energies for bringing in the kingdom of the Lord Jesus. . . . [The 4th page of Kind Words edited by the Women's Missionary Union] makes Kind Words pre-eminently the Convention's missionary paper for the Sunday-school and home, with missionary information told in a way attractive to the young. Here the children can learn -- have it told in their own tongue -- the story of the wonderful works of God through the Foreign Board and Home Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. . . . There could scarcely be a more powerful way of reaching the children and impressing their tender heart and plastic mind with the great missionary thought and need and duty. . . . It is manifest that the Sunday-school Board, through the power of its periodicals, may become a great factor in our denominational machinery second indeed to no other force in its influence upon our denominational life. . . . Who can foretell the results simply in increased contributions to the Boards of the Convention, when you shall have two, and three, and four generations of men and women who almost from their cradle have been trained to think missionary thoughts, pray missionary prayers and make missionary sacrifices in contributions laid at the Master's feet? . . . Brethren, this great enterprise which you have entrusted to the Sunday-school Board is not a scramble and squabble for literature [against the American Baptist Publication Society (North)], but something in every way high and noble, and with your endorsement and support . . . the Board may do a work of which the ages will be proud."