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Dwyer & Bates
Attorneys and Counselors at Law

San Antonio, Texas, Dec. 10, 1894

Rev. T.P. Bell
Cor. Secy So. Baptist Convention Sunday School Board,
     Nashville, Tenn.,

Dear Bro:

     I am a member of the First Baptist Church of this City, and have been connected with its Sunday School work for about two years, and write you in interest of your Sunday school publications, which I desire to see adopted in our Sunday School, and other Baptist churches of this City, and in Southwest Texas, generally.

     Our Sunday School is using the literature published by the American Baptist Publication Society; And our pastor and Supt [Superintendent] and others are in favor of adopting your Sunday School publications. But the leader of our teachers meeting, and a majority of the teachers, are opposed to the change, and they claim that the church in conference is not, (on account of the lack of intelligence), qualified to decide upon the matter, and that the "teachers meeting" is qualified to decide and that its decision should control. These teachers claim that the literature of the American Baptist Pub. Society is in every way superior to your literature, and this same claim is set up all over Texas by the friends of the American Baptist Publication Society. In this contest it is said that the American Baptist Pub. Society has plenty of money and that the Southern Convention Board has not and is financially unable to get up as good literature as the former. It is also claimed that by actual comparison the literature of the American Baptist Pub. Society is favored to be vastly superior to your literature in learning, ability, Bible Criticism, doctrine, and in every other respect.

     Now, I think the interests of your literature demand that you take immediate steps to refute this charge of inferiority made against it. Can't you publish a circular on the subject & if so send me a supply, and I will circulate it here. If we can get the First Church here it will carry an influence in this part of the State. We want to work up a sentiment in our church in favor of your litterature [sic]. Can't you help us? Send me copies of all your publications.

     Write to Mrs. D.T [illegible], Garden St., San Antonio, on the subject.

   Yours in Christ,
C.L. Bates

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