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Churchland, VA
Nov 25 '91

Rev J. M. Frost D. D.
     My dear Bro:

     I have been an American Bap. Publication Society man. The reasons for this I need not give: but I am converted, & shall hence forth be a supporter of the Sunday School Board of the S. B. Convention.

     My Sunday school has stood with me & as the end of the year is approaching, we contemplate changing our S. S. literature. Before bringing the matter to the attention of my school — I need information on several points which may be missed.

  1. How is the Board, in its publication department operated? Does it contract with a publishing house to do the work, or does the Board own its press and type & do its own work?

  2. About what, judging from its present patronage, will be the net profits of the Board?

  3. Did I understand you correctly at the Gen'l Asso. in Norfolk to say, that the profits are equally divided between the Foreign & Home Boards of S. B. Convention?

  4. Is it the plan of the Board to give the profits to these 2 Boards & not to private individuals, or a company?

  5. About what has the American Bap. Publication Society given annually to the Southern Baptist Convention?
     Please answer these questions & give any other information deemed important by you.

     Some of us have seen copies of the "Teacher" published by your Board. Objection has been made that the paper is inferior in quality & that the typographical work not so well done as that of the American Bap. Pub. Society & that the "Teacher" has no map.

     Of course, I understand how excellence in these departments can only be reached by time & experience & money. Yet to persons who are halfway converted & who still hold unconsciously their prejudices, there is some foundation for criticism and objection.

     I wish you God-speed in your work, & you may count on me to do what I can for your success.
Very truly and fraternally          
A.B. Dunaway                        

Send me some sample copies of your lesson paper & quarterlies teacher &c &c.

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