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Corsicana, Texas, Sept. 2, 1892


Dr. J.M. Frost
     Nashville Tenn–

Dear Brother:

     Your letter from Ky. recd a few days ago–   Sorry to hear of your sickness & hope & pray that you may soon be restored to health–  I am succeeding grandly with my work–  Churches, pastors & Sunday schools are falling into line–  There has been a feeling among some of the brethren that the S.S. Convention [Sunday School Board] should be discontinued, but that feeling is giving way. In the past 25 days, I have attended 5 Associations & several churches & my success has been far beyond my expectation. I see the need of the S.S. & Colportage work–  The Associations I attended adopted unanimously, resolutions commending the [Southern Baptist] Convention Series–  Dr. Link a member of our [Texas] S.S. Board, is an Am.B.P.S. [American Baptist Publication Society] man, but a good majority of our [Texas Sunday School] Bd. Are very much in sympathy with the S.S.B. of S.B.C. [Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention]–

     I can in a few months get most of the S.S. [Sunday schools] to fall into line:–  to the [Southern Baptist] Convention Series. This is my opinion about the matter. I am very much in sympathy with our [Sunday School] Bd. Of S.B.C. Texas Baptists, when they understand the matter, will support it. I am I think, doing some good work for your Board, & mean to continue in the good work. I think the Texas Baptists will be worth a great deal, to your Board, when worked up–  At the next [Texas] S.S. Convention, I want to go on record–  that is the [Texas Baptist] Convention is in sympathy with the S.S.B. of S.B.C.–  I will do it–  I am very anxious that you attend our next Convention–  I mean our S.S. Convention–  It is important, I think that you be there–  As to your donation to our [Texas] Boards, do just what you can–  We, of course, need all we can get. Do what you can. You can send check to me & I will turn it over to Bd. & see that it is judiciously spent–  If you can sent it by the 15th it will be a great favor, as I shall have to settle with my S.S. [Sunday School] Colporters then–  As to donation, I think the needs of the field should be taken into consideration–  You know something of our needs–  Let me hear from you as soon as possible. When will you pass through Corsicana on your way to Convention at Belton? Could you not stop over with me a day or two? We would like to have you in our home for a week, if you can stop that long–  I mean to go to Convention at Belton–  write–

   Yours in Christ,
W.C. Luther

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