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Chester, So. Ca.,
Dec. 9, 1891

Rev. J.M. Frost, D.D.,
     Secty. S.S. Board, S.B.C.;
          My Dear Brother:

          I was sorry you left Spartanburg without my seeing you after I offered my resolution in the Convention commending your work. And yet, after all, it may be best that I did not consult you lest some one unfriendly to our S.S. [Sunday School] Board might have said I was influenced to offer the resolution. You heard me read it, I think; but I will quote it. "Resolved that we commend to the kind consideration and patronage of the Baptists of South Carolina the work of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention."

     I ought to have embodied in the resolution an expression of the pleasure we had had in hearing your address the night before. And yet, may be, it was best that it went just in the shape it did. I was surprised at the turn Bro. C.C. Brown took on us, and when the resolution again came up, I spoke briefly, saying,

  1. I was surprised and sorry a discussion arose in the convention with my resolution.

  2. The resolution is plain in its nature and easily understood.

  3. No external influence was brought to bear upon me. I offered if of my own accord and am myself alone responsible for it. I had no conference whatever with the S.S. Board or any official of it.

  4. No antagonism in the resolution against A.B.P. [American Baptist Publication] Society [New York]. None intended and none could be twisted out of it by any fair construction.

  5. The work of the S. S. Board in Nashville is our work:–  it is a part of the organic work of the S.B. [Southern Baptist] Convention and we should stand by it, and I hope the resolution will pass without further discussion.

     Bro. C.C. Brown then resolved an amendment in which thanks were extended to the A.B.P. Society for favors, etc. This amendment was carried and my resolution then passed unanimously with the amendment. I wanted it to go through without any reference to the A.B.P. Society.

     But even as it is, the commendation given relates only to the S.S. Board.

     I have thus written you because you were not present to see how it went. I ought to have written to you sooner.

     If you see any publications anywhere as varying from my statement to you of the case, please mark it and sent it to me. Also to Rev. J.W. Perry, Hartsville, So. Ca., and we will see that no incorrect impression is made.

     May God bless you and our S.S. Board! Love to Bro. W.R.L. Smith.

R.W. Sanders

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