Our Home Field
        Published by the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

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Contents page from June 1907

Editorial page from June 1907

Our Home Field was the official monthly magazine of the Southern Baptist Convention's Home Mission Board. (Click on the links above for an example of its contents.) In 1906 the publication's business manager announced that Our Home Field would now be published in magazine, rather than newspaper, form. As a result the publication would open its columns "to cash advertisers of an acceptable character." The business manager went on to assure potential advertisers that the publication "goes into the homes of the best among approximately two million white Baptists in the South."

The covers featured here reveal the Home Mission Board's sense of its distinct mission fields: Indians, Negroes, city-dwellers, immigrants, Central Americans, and rural white Southerners. Also typical were covers featuring denominational leaders and covers that seemed more decorative than missions-oriented.

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