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The Yellow Pages -- Economics 

Institute for International Economics
The IIE is private, nonprofit, and nonpartisan; the site outlines hot topics and issues in economics, as well as providing links to other economics-related sites.

International Economics Gateway
Links to various resources and archives for International Organizations, National Governments, and Corporate Servers.

The University of Michigan Economic Data Resources
Resource index of statistics and data on Economic Indicators

The Federal Reserve System
This site contains information about the Board of Governors, Consumer Information, Reports, and a Research Paper Archive

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Homepage for the government agency that regulates the securities markets and acts as an advocate for investors. Includes news, regulations and information for accountants, brokers and small businesses.

GovSpot's Portal for Economic Statistics
One-stop-shopping for all your statistical needs: economic indicators, tax stats, FDIC info, and Federal Reserve data.

The RAND Journal of Economics
The journal for the latest in all aspects of economic policy, thought, and trends. Contains a searchable index of abstracts from the past 25 years.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
A non-profit, nonpartisan research organization focusing on issues affecting low- and moderate-income people. The place to go for budget analysis and reports on Social Security, tax, health and welfare policy.

Economics and Politics at Idea Central
On-line journal of articles, reports, and information about U.S. Economic Policy. Features columns by leading economists and links to current books of interest and related on-line resources.

A classroom resource that provides lesson plans based on macroeconomic data and current events.

A European effort of economic resources on the Internet, broken down by category and discipline and thoroughly researched. It includes links to universities, government, and economic organizations. Also contains links to economic theorists and their personal home pages, essays, and articles.

Jokes for Economists
Who says economists can't have a little fun at their own expense? This page has an archive of economist humor, with links to organizations, newsletters, and economic servers.

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August 6, 2001