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Web Sites
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Digging Clinton's Ditch: The impact of the Erie Canal on America, 1807-1865
An American Studies MA thesis, this site employs javascript and framesets and features digitized audio. The photographs, maps and other graphics were produced using Photoshop and image mapping was done with CoffeeCup software. The site was designed and presented in a manner to advance the argument that the Erie Canal played a vital role in the political, geographic and economic development of the nation.

The Real Deal: The battle to define FDR's social programs
An exciting project that uses new technologies to present original editorials, political cartoons and speeches. Photoshop was used throughout and the site offers an interactive (and comprehensive) New Deal timeline produced with Macromedia Flash. The design and production of this site presented numerous challenges based primarily on the use of older primary documents.
Multimedia, javascripting, frames, action scripting.

FDR Speaks
A GIF animation and separate applet (produced with CoffeeCup) provide a nice introduction to a simple site that demonstrates the possibilities for digitized audio.

Index of American Design (Requires Flash)
With a Flash Movie introduction set to music, the site itself is an index of and portal to students' projects, presented in an interactive scrolling gallery of images.

Alice Adams Trailer
A simple but elegant introduction to a movie trailer created using iMovie (Mac).

Cultural Maps in American Studies
A work in progress, this site will provide an index to the Xroads electronic map collection.

Blind Strivings of the Human Heart: Melodrama and Theater in Sister Carrie
An early project that demonstrates basic skills in HTML and Photoshop.

News Clips

Editorial Roundups (36)
June 8 - August 10, 2001)

Nelson Addresses Students on U.S. Policy
(Cavalier Daily, October 22, 2001)