Theaters of New York

Augustin 		Daly

Daly's Theater
Playwrite, producer and theater owner, Augustin Daly opened Daly's* in 1879. It is known as "one of the most distinguished theaters in the history of American stage." (footnote) Daly wrote and produced Under the Gaslight In YEAR? Gaslight was the first play in which Carrie appeared, while living in Chicago. She later attempted to find stage work at Daly's Theater in New York.

Daly's Theater
Daly's Theater - Address Add
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Fifth Avenue Theater (later
Madison Square Theater)
prior to 1873 fire.
Fifth Avenue Theater before 1873 fire
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The Madison Square Theater
After its 1873 fire, Steel MacKaye renovated Daly's first Fifth Avenue Theater and opened the Madison Square in 1879. MacKaye redesigned the theater and included several innovative features including a moving stage for quick scene changes and a primitive air conditioning system. Known for its beautiful interior, the theater was demolished in 1908.