Map of the Grounds
Panama Canal
San Francisco
The Exposition's Architecture

South Grounds

Festival Hall in color North from the Tower of Jewels South Gardens and Festival Hall Palace of Horticulture in color Tower of Jewels Entrance towers to the Court of Palms Palace of Horticulture Accross the South Gardens Tower of Jewels to the South South Gardens and the Palace of Horticulture Northeast from the Tower of Jewels Buildings of the South Garden from the West Southeast from the Tower of Jewels East end of the South Gardens Looking west down the Ave. of Palms Main Entrance and Fountain of Energy Looking east down the Ave. of Plams Main arch of the Tower of Jewels Horticulture Gardens and main buildings Northwest from the Tower of Jewels Western South Gardens in color Ave. of Palms from the east Tower of Jewels in color Tower of Jewels and buildings to the east
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The Progressives
The Joy Zone
World War I
Conclusion and Further Reading

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