The Brownies' Book
The Brownies' Book engaged children's minds and imaginations through a plethora of stories, biographies, fairy tales, poems, and plays. In addition, the magazine offered a number of regular columns aimed at both parents and children. These both established the tone of the magazine as gently didactic, albeit entertaining, and urged readers, young and old, to contribute.
Written each month by Jessie Fauset, "The Judge" addressed parents' concerns by responding to questions posed to a grandfatherly figure by four fictional friends: Bilikins, Billie, William, and Wilhelmina.
"As the Crow Flies" encourages multicultural awareness and responsibility through a collection of worldwide news events penned by DuBois, himself.
"They Jury," a letters-to-the-editors page, allowed children to air grievances (usually against society, not the magazine), introduce themselves and their lives, ask questions, and make requests for future stories.
"Playtime" offers intellectually challenging puzzles as well as games from around the globe.
One of two sections devoted to inspiring hope among African American children by praising and nonprejudiciously photographing their peer, "Our Little Friends" collages collected pictures of young readers and their siblings.
"Little People of the Month," which included write-ups and photos, spotlighted young African Americans excelling at school, music, writing, art, or community service.
Finally, "The Grown-Ups' Corner" provided a channel for adult communication, and allowed parents, in particular, to suggest worthy topics for future issues.