At his residence in this city, on the 24th of February last, in the 38th year of his age, E.G. HUNICHENN, leaving a wife and three small children to mourn their irreparable loss. The deceased was a native of Germany, but emigrated at an early period of life to this country, and engaged in mercantile pursuits. An affectionate disposition was a distinguishing trait of his character, added to which he was emphatically what the poet describes as "the noblest work of God, an honest man,"

His heart was gen'rous, and his mind
Swayed by its guide--Integrity;
In all his dealings just and kind.
His errors claimed our sympathy.
Prompt in feeling, as prompt in deed.
His heart and hand together mov'd;
And when in sorrow or in need,
His friends e'er found how much he loved.
When on his bed of death he laid,
The rising sigh he sought to smother,
and turning to his children, said
"My children, love thy mother."
Here utt'rance failed, and his dim'd eye
Showed life was ebbing from him fast:
Soon pointing upwards to the skies,
With a faint moan, he breathed his last.

Baltimore Sun, April 1855