The Art Digest

April 1, 1933

The Mexican Muralists

Maybe Anglo-Saxon Americans instinctively, and racially, dislike the brick-red pigments and the Mestizo conception of form that characterize the work of the Mexican muralists, Rivera, Orozco, and Siquieros. No man, and no race, is responsible for the shape, composition and velocity of blood corpuseles--they are inherited.

The Mexican muralists have been welcomed to America by the spirit of revolt. Rockefellers and Fords helped.

Maybe these Mexicans are not producing for the United States the sort of beauty that can thrill its people. But if these muralists, who produced for Mexico an art that is intensely Mexican, that therefore perfectly expresses Mexico, can inspire American painters to create an art that as perfectly, and with equal vitality, reflect America rather than Europe, they will be entitled to a place of supreme honor in American art history.