May 16, 1933

Rivera's Wrong Pew

Can it be that Diego Rivera, in designing a Lenin fresco for the walls of a Rockefeller building, was thinking of 26 Broadway instead of Sixth Avenue and Fiftieth Street? From the famous downtown address the personal offices of the Rockefeller family will soon move to the seventy-story building in Rockefeller Center. It was for the lobby here that the Mexican painter devised his anti-capitalist allegory.

At 26 Broadway a mural prophecy of the downfall of the present economic system might conceivably be appropriate. For at 26 Broadway are housed all the activities by which the Rockefeller fortune has been amassed. But in the RCA Building at Fiftieth Street are housed all the Foundations and activities by which the Rockefeller fortune is being distributed in manifold benefactions. Why spread Lenin over the walls of the lobby there? It puts Lenin in the position of hating most the good side of capitalism.