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Carter G. Woodson 1875-1950
Carter G. Woodson Birthplace

Historical Highway Markers

Route 15
Between 10 and 15 miles north of Dillwyn
Buckingham County

Born in 1875 about three miles from the locations of these roadside markers in Buckingham County, Carter G. Woodson matured into a formidable scholar whose work furthered the effort toward equality for black Americans. Woodson started the Journal of Negro History as well as Negro History Week, which later expanded to become Black History Month. Woodson relied on his writing to help his cause, penning several books that established him as the Father of Afro-American History.

"Three miles east is the birthplace of the noted teacher, educator and historian, Dr. Carter G. Woodson. He was the founder of the association for the study of negro life and history, originated negro history week and authored more than a dozen important works dealing with his race in the United States." (Erected in 1976.)

"Carter Godwin Woodson was born about three miles east on 19 December 1875 . As a youth he mined coal near Huntington , W.Va. He earned degrees at Berea College (B.L., 1903), University of Chicago (B.A. and M.A., 1908), and Harvard (Ph.D., 1912)—one of the first blacks awarded a doctorate by Harvard. In 1915 he organized the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History and in 1916 established the Journal of Negro History . Known as the father of Afro-American History, Woodson founded Negro History Week—now Afro-American History Month—in 1926. He died in Washington, D.C., on 3 April 1950." (Erected in 1993.)

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