Test your knowledge of Virginia literary landmarks with this quiz. Simply click on one of the choices to find out the answers:

1. Novelist Willa Cather may have been born in Virginia, but where did she move after spending her first nine years in Frederick County?

a. Arizona
b. Georgia

c. Nebraska
d. New York

2. John Dos Passos spent much of his life in Westmoreland County at what house?

a. Potomac Ridge
b. Jerdone Castle
c. Little Washington
d. Spence's Point

3. Which of the following documents was NOT known to be stored at Rokeby?

a. Articles of Confederation
b. The Magna Carta
c. The Constitution
d. The Declaration of Independence

4. What did Charles Dickens do to get on the Virginia Landmarks Register?

a. He lived at Ripshin in Grayson County.
b. He wrote “O Pioneers!”
c. He penned an epitaph for a Cumberland child.
d. He wrote about his travels in Virginia during his 1842 visit.

5. Which of the following works did Edgar Allan Poe write at the University of Virginia?

a. “The Raven”
b. “The Tell-Tale Heart”
c. “The Black Cat”
d. None of the above

6. For which of the following is Thomas Jefferson not primarily responsible?

a. The Bill of Rights
b. The Declaration of Independence
c. The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
d. Notes on the State of Virginia

7. Who joined the Revolutionary Army after his Norfolk newspaper was halted by the British?

a. Douglas Southall Freeman
b. John Hunter Holt
c. Moncure Daniel Conway
d. Marion Harland

8. What was the name of Sherwood Anderson's Virginia home?

a. Willow Shade
b. Spence's Point
c. Crouch's Creek
d. Ripshin

9. Whose home features a gift from W.E.B. DuBois?

a. Anne Spencer
b. Pearl S. Buck
c. Douglas Southall Freeman
d. Mary Randolph

10. Which Virginia-born author wrote Alone?

a. George Sandys
b. John Fox, Jr.
c. Richard E. Byrd
d. Willa Cather

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