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As pointed out on the previous page, Thomas Jefferson, a man of substantial achievement, deemed through the writing of his own epitaph two of his most important accomplishments as the acts of authoring the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. A tour of Monticello, Jefferson's highly celebrated home outside Charlottesville, accentuates the statesman's emphasis on the value of education through reading, writing and practice. Tour guides at Monticello highlight all of the regularly emphasized traits of Jefferson, from his deep interest in language and architecture to his hands-on approach to problem solving (demonstrated through his alterations of the dumbwaiter and copy machine).

The mind of the writer is illuminated in the home in indirect but important ways. One can imagine the aging man sitting in his revolving chair next to his bed with his rotating bookstand composing more words to beguile the American people past and present. Monticello's main mission is to more fully form a portrait of this towering figure of American history, and the presentation of the complexities involved between asserting “all men are created equal” while the author owned and maintained slaves are easily visible while encountering the site. (That revolving chair is near many windows that allow for unobstructed view of the slaves at work.) Visiting Monticello with a particular interest in Jefferson's writing can be a testament to the hope that words can provide, even if the writer's actions do not necessarily follow the paths his language lays out.


Historical Highway Marker

Virginia Landmarks Register
September 9, 1969

National Register of Historic Places
October 15, 1966

National Historic Landmark
December 19, 1960

World Heritage List

Route 53
Charlottesville vicinty
Albemarle County


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