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Faulkner House

Virginia Landmarks Register
March 20, 1984

National Register of Historic Places
May 3, 1984

2201 Old Ivy Road
Albemarle County

Prolific author William Faulkner was Balch lecturer at the University of Virginia from the late 1950s until his death in 1962, but he most likely never set foot in this house. During his tenure at U.Va., the residence was privately owned and was given its current name to honor the writer after the university obtained control of the property in 1963. Although its name suggests literary connections, the home is listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register mainly for its architectural qualities.

“This stately country house is noteworthy as an Albemarle County antebellum work with alterations by a designer well versed in the region's classical idiom. Erected in 1855-56, it was enlarged and remodeled in 1907 by Washington, D.C., architect Waddy B. Wood. The original center section was first the home of Addison Maupin, keep of one of the four “hotels,” or dining halls, at the University of Virginia in the late 1850s. The most noted resident was U.S. Senator Thomas S. Martin, leader of Virginia's powerful Democratic party machine in the early 1900s. Purchased by the university in 1963, the building was given its current name to honor the Nobel Prize-winning novelist William C. Faulkner, who—though he never lived in this building—taught at the university in the 1950s and 1960s. Since 1975 the house has been the headquarters of the White Burkett Miller Center of Public Affairs.”

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