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This section is designed to accommodate the teacher seeking to explore further the exercises in the lesson plan and to develop his/her own multimedia exercise for 1930s American Culture.



ENTIRE SCRIPT OF Triple-A Plowed Under

Scene 3: Vicious Circle - "The Price Also Rises" by Rexford Tugwell, Fortune Magazine, January 1934,

Scene 4: Farmer's Holiday - The Agricultural Situation- Bureau of Agricultural Economics and Yearbook of Agriculture, 1935

Scene 4a: New York Times, August 16th and 26th, 1932 "Bryan! Bryan! Bryan!," Fortune Magazine, January 1934 and Seeds of Revolt by Mauritz Hallgren Chapter 8: The Farmer's March

Scene 5: Milk Prices - New York Herald Tribune July 5, 1934

Scene 6: Farmers Organize - New York Times September, 1, 1932 and September 4, 1932

Scene 7: Milk Strike- New York Times, August 16th, 1932

Scene 8: Farm Auction - New York Times, February 2, 1933 and Literary Digest, January 21, 1933

Scene 9: Lem Harris - New York Times, December 8, 1932 and December 11, 1932

Scene 10: Farm and City Families - New York Times, May 13, 1933

Scene 11: Birth of Triple-A - Vital Speeches, Oct. 2, 1935.

Scene 12: Commodities Skyrocket - New York Times, September 17, 1934

Scene 13: Wheat Pit - and Scene 16: Drought - New York Times August 12, 1934

Scene 17: Church - New York Times, July 1, 1934
also two articles not cited by staff, another from July 1,1934 and one from August 1, 1934

Scene 18: Wheat Pit: New York Times, August 1, 1934

Scene 21: Meat Strike - New York Times July 28, 1935 and August 6, 1935

Scene 22: Mrs. Dorothy Sherwood - Daily News August 21, 1935

Scene 23: Finale - New York Times January 7, 1936 and another from the same date as well as January 26, 1936


II. EXTRACT FROM SCRIPT OF POWER (another FTP Living Newspaper)



The Real Deal: The Battle to Define FDR's Social Programs -- Provides audio and text of FDR's speeches as well as cartoons and editorial responses to New Deal legislation.

New Deal Network's Living Newspaper Photo Gallery

GMU's Federal Theater Project Materials

Library of Congress' The New Deal Stage


John Dewey's Democracy and Education

Experiential Learning and Experiential Education


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