Language group created by the Astor to cover "territory from Labrador to North Carolina and west as far as the Rocky Mountians."

From the Astor description: "AN INDIAN TRAVOIS. When Indians are going to move, the women take down the lodges and divide the lodge poles into two bundles. The poles of each bundle are lashed together at the end and are thrown over the saddle of a horse, allowing the other ends of the poles to drag on the ground in the rear. Immediately begind the horse there is lashed between the poles a large oval frame, made from the limbs of a young tree. It serves not only to keep the two bundles of poles a sufficient distance apart, but, having a net of raw-hide thongs, it forms also a comfortable seat for children or weak persons. Each horse has its travois; when a sufficient number of horses is not at hand, then the dogs are pressed into service and have to drag a travois of smaller poles."
Tribes represented in the Algonquin Room according to the hotel included the Ojibway, the Arapahoe, the Blackfoot, the Cheyenne, the Delaware, the Menomini, the Pottawatomi, the Sauk, the Fox, and the Oto.