FEBRUARY 20, 1937
From University of Virginia President John L. Newcomb to Arthur F. Davies, Astor Estate Representative:
...Mr. W. H. Langhorne [Lady Astor's brother] of Warren, Virginia has shown me your letter to him under date of February 15th, which relates to a gift from Lord and Lady Astor of an Indian Collection to the University of Virginia. No indication is made as to the extent of the collection and I do not know what the space requirements would be for its proper exhibition...

FEBRUARY 23, 1937
From Mr. Davies to President Newcomb:
...The collection at present is at the Hotel Astor, Broadway and 44th Street, this City, where it can be seen by you on Saturday morning, February 27. Perhaps you will be good enough to ask for Mr. Frederick A. Muschenheim, the proprietor of the Hotel, who himself will be glad to show you the collection...

APRIL 2, 1937
From President Newcomb to the Lady Astor:
...I have seen the North American Indian Collection in the Hotel Astor, New York, and the University would be very happy to have it. We do not at the present moment have any space in which it can be adequately exhibited, but if it is agreeable to you to have us keep it boxed until such time as we can provide the proper space for its exhibition, we shall be very happy to receive it. It is an interesting collection and I am confident that it will serve a useful purpose...I did not want to accept it an keep it boxed here for some time, as is necessary, without your knowledge of that fact, because, under the circumstances, you might prefer to give it to some institution or museum which could put it on exhibition immediately...
...Your combined squash and handball courts will be ready for student use beginning with next session and there is a great deal of student interest in having this added athletic facility...

APRIL 19, 1937
From Lady Astor to President Newcomb:
...I know that it is a valuable collection, — I do not want it split up on any account, and it seems to me that its home is in Virginia...
...I am delighted that the squash and handball courts are nearly ready. When they are I wonder if you would do me a favour, by letting my brother Buck [William Langhorne] come over and formerly present them to the University on our behalf. I have a very special reason for making this request, and shall be really grateful if you find yourself able to accede to it.

APRIL 28, 1937
From President Newcomb to Lady Astor:
...I am very happy to have your letter of April 19th, informing me that you are perfectly willing for us to keep the Indian Collection packed and to decide later what is best to be done with it and where it would be mose useful in Virginia. I can assure you that it will not be split up on any account and that it will receive a proper home in Virginia...
...Grace [Mrs. Newcomb] and I thoroughly understand how completely broken you are over the passing of your beautiful, devoted and charming sister. All of her friends here feel the loss keenly and send you assurances of our heartfelt sympathy...

APRIL 28, 1937
From President Newcomb to Mr. Davies:
...With this understanding of the situation, I hope you will give the necessary instructions to have the collection packed and forwarded to the University of Virginia at your convenience...

MAY 11, 1937
From Frederick Muschenheim to President Newcomb:
...the Indian Collection is being shipped to you today, by American Railway Express, insured and prepaid. There are four cases...
...The collection was cleaned, repaired and classified by a member of the staff of the American Museum of Natural History. He also catalogued each item and I am happy to send you the enclosed copy together with a booklet which we had at Hotel Astor when the "Indian Grill" was in operation...

MAY 13, 1937
From President Newcomb to Mr. Muschenheim:
...the shipment has been received in Charlottesville and we are today storing the collection in the boxes in the University unitl we shall be able to find space to exhibit it. We, therefore, will be unable to check the collection with the list which you sent until we are ready to unpack it for exhibition. It is indeed a splendid collection and will be of great interest to the University...

MAY 19, 1937
From Lady Astor to President Newcomb:
...I am delighted to know that the Indian Collection is to remain in Virginia and to have your assurance that it will not be split up.
It is very kind of you to consent to my request about Buck. I know what pleasure it will give him.



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