From the Astor description: "UTE WOMAN PITCHING TENTS. As among all other tribes, so the women of the Utes have to attend to the general work, as pitching tents, breaking up the camp or packing the effects on the animals, while the men, as many travelers have described it, look on with superior laziness. But this custom finds its explanation in the fact that it was, especially in former times, the principal duty of the men to care for the safety of the family. As hostile attacks were generally in the form of sudden assaults, the warriors had to repel them instantly, and for this reason the weapons were never laid aside."
Language group created by the Astor to cover the "vast parks and beautiful valleys of the Rocky Mountains." Tribes represented in the Shoshone Room according to the hotel included the Shoshone, the Bannock, the Snake, the Ute, the Paiute, the Uintahs, the Blackfoot, and the Chemehuevi.