Fred A. Muschenheim                                         R.K. Christenberry
         President                                     Vice President and General Manager

Times Square New York
Telephone Circle 6-6000

June 22nd, 1939

Mrs. H. Bernstein
Hotel Regal
Fallsburg, N.Y.

Dear Mrs. Bernstein:—

Your recent inquiry is greatly appreciated and I should like to offer the following accommodations for your consideration.

Double room and bath at $7 and $8 a day for two persons. We do not have weekly rates.
Inasmuch as the hotel is booked quite heavily during certain periods of the World's Fair, I would suggest that you let us know as soon as possible the date you plan to arrive so that we can then endeavor to have accommodations available for you. No reservations will be held after 6 p.m. unless we are notified of the time of your arrival.

Looking forward to the pleasure of making a definite reservation in your name, believe me to be

Cordially yours,

R.K. Christenberry
Vice President and
General Manager

All ASTOR Ballrooms and Private Dining Rooms are AIR-CONDITIONED