Chapter 1          In which is told when the Armada sailed, and of the officers and persons who went in it

Chapter 2          The Coming of the Governor to the Port of Xagua and with a Pilot

Chapter 3          Our Arrival in Florida

Chapter 4          Our Entrance into the Country

Chapter 5          The Governor leaves the Ships

Chapter 6         Our Arrival at Apalache

Chapter 7          The Character of the Country

Chapter 8          We go from Aute

Chapter 9          We leave the Bay of Horses

Chapter 10        The Assault from the Indians

Chapter 11        Of what befell Lope de Oviedo with the Indians

Chapter 12        The indains bring us Food

Chapter 13        We hear of other Christians

Chapter 14        The Departure of four Christians

Chapter 15        What befell us among the People of Malhado

Chapter 16        The Christians leave the Island of Malhado

Chapter 17        The Coming of Indains with Andrés Dorantes, Castillo, and Estevanico

Chapter 18        The Story Figueroa recounted from Esquivel

Chapter 19        Our Separation by the Indians

Chapter 20        Of our Escape

Chapter 21        Our Cure of some of the Afflicted

Chapter 22        The Coming of other Sick to us the next Day

Chapter 23        Of our Departure after having eaten the Dogs

Chapter 24        Customs of the Indians of that Country

Chapter 25        Vigilance of the Indains in War

Chapter 26        Of the Nations and Tongues

Chapter 27        We moved away and were well received

Chapter 28        Of another strange Custom

Chapter 29        The Indians plunder each other

Chapter 30        The Fashion of receiving us changes

Chapter 31        Of our taking the Way to the Maize

Chapter 32        The Indians give us the Hearts of Deer

Chapter 33        We see Traces of Christians

Chapter 34        Of sending for the Christians

Chapter 35        The Chief Alcalde receives us kindly the Night we arrive

Chapter 36        Of building Churches in that Land

Chapter 37        Of what occurred when I wished to return

Chapter 38        Of what became of the Others who went to Indias