A Manifesto in Parts


Whereas the form and function of contemporary Art fails Us both as a Society and a Species.

In so much as We require Art to shape Our world externally, to build Ourselves up internally, and to unite the external to the internal in Harmony.

Therein find We the necessity for a new mode of Artistic Expression to bring Us to Unity, though be it a Unity of Multiplicity.

Therefore, among Our goals are the desires to fulfill Our ancestorsí promise and topple Our predecessorsí failure, to once again reconnect Humanity and the Humanities, to close the divide between the Sciences and the Arts, and to re-establish the Mysteries of Life as related to such.

And thusly, We hereby simultaneously call for and define Our new Art, Our new Expression, Our new Lifeforce.


At the beginning of the 20th Century Henry Adams looked ahead to the power (i.e., knowledge) that he felt humanity would eventually wield. In his eyes the Antebellum world was defined by the concept of Unity, while Multiplicity would come to rule in the new century. However, though this Multiplicity has come to be - in our modes of thought, technology, and even those of expression - it has come at a cost. Without the unifying force, without a center to build around we lose all connections. Yes, there are more and more skills, more and more careers, more and more beliefs to learn and attach to, but we do not expand beyond our few areas of expertise. We become specialized and therefore isolated. Isolation, except in cases of empty orientalism, leads to a rejection of the Other - be it art or humans or beliefs, which in reality are all the same thing. The past century has fractured our thinking; isolation and fear have fractured our communities; laxness and attacks on the art of faith have fractured religion: the pieces of our cultures lie at our feet, negative space filling the void between us.


The death of god is not a physical one. It is a death of belief and imagination.

The death of Art is not a physical one. It is a death of belief and imagination.

The death of Humanity is not a physical one. It is a death of belief and imagination.


Words - loose collections of letters and sounds - engender multiple meanings. Words - combined into phrases and sentences - exponentially grow in their signification and the ideas/emotions they communicate. This is verbal language. This is the fragile ecosystem that humans inhabit - word, symbol, metaphor, image. This is the razed forest, the polluted water, the extinct species that the last century has destroyed and left behind in piles of waste. It is now our duty to reconstruct, to rehabilitate this ecosystem, but the pieces cannot be put together again. We will therefore form our own egg with new relations, new connotations, new metaphors that will give birth to a re-invigorated society of Art, Desire, and Belief.


We the undersigned agree:

Life is Art, but not artistic.

Art is Life, but not lifelike.

All Expression is Metaphor.

Expression is all that is not tangible.

The expansion of Metaphor is the expansion of the Mind, and therefore of Life.

There is the physical and then there is all else. Deny neither.

The pieces are ancient - respect that truth - but the combination is ever renewed.

The purest Art results in the connection of one human to another.

Joshua Ranger